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I am: 22, recent college grad, knitter, small, queer, old at heart.
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Done! #knitter #knitting #yarn


I literally can’t get myself to sit through movies that don’t have women. I’m like where the fuck are the women? Why are there so many men? This is boring as fuck goodbye

heyjaneybaby replied to your post “I am trying to find a new tv show to watch on Netflix. But I have no…”

have you watched lost girl? bisexual succubus yes yes yes

I haven’t but I will add that to my list! That sounds perfect

I am trying to find a new tv show to watch on Netflix. But I have no interest in watching any shows centered on men. Or where the two main actors listed are both men. Or where men are more than just background props.

This is proving to be very challenging.

  • Me: *knitting*
  • Person: Omg! Thats so nice! Can you make me something?!?!???!
  • Me: Of course!!!!
  • Me: *never makes them anything*
  • rosalarian:

    Gonna keep a tally of messages I get from a) white feminists completely proving my point and b) people who think this comic proves feminism is worthless because I criticized one part of it. (Even despite me writing these words underneath the comic.) Then I’ll add them all up, see which column has more, and then drink myself to sleep either way.

    Haha… this is why we can’t have nice things.

    Is it fall yet? I’m hella ready for dark lipstick